What Happens After You Install a Public Safety DAS? Day Two Support.

As a building owner or property manager, you pray the public safety system you’ve installed will never get used. But what if it does? How can you ensure that it’ll work at go time? This “what if” is not something you’re legally allowed to leave to chance. There is only one way to make sure that when the time comes, and you need your Public Safety System to work, it does. There is no substitute for regular testing and inspections, also known as Day Two Support. 


Two-way radio systems are often a critical means of communication for commercial users, who depend on their radios to manage day-to-day operations as well as possible emergency situations. Day Two Support ensures that your system(s) will continue to meet your needs without unnecessary downtime.


Cellular enhancement systems must function properly to support users’ cellphone services, including 911 calls and emergency notification alerts. We will provide
a customized plan for monitoring and maintenance to ensure optimum and uninterrupted service.


We manufacture our proprietary Radio Command Series, which includes the Dedicated Radio Console (DRC) and Radio Amplification Unit (RAU). As the manufacturer, we provide a hardware and software warranty that covers these units for repair or replacement. This warranty begins with the initial one-year warranty included at the time of purchase and up to the 5-year recertification date.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Annual inspections and testing
  • Five-year testing and recertification
  • Extended Limited Warranty


  • Record keeping logs at regularly scheduled intervals
  • Repair or service any part of the system
  • Submission of materials to AHJ

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