Several factors adversely affect the ability of a cellular network to reach subscribers inside a building. Today’s construction materials improve structural integrity and energy efficiency that wreak havoc on the ability to propagate wireless service. Low “e” glass, thick concrete walls, and steel construction restrict wireless signals from penetrating a building. Signals often can’t reach the higher floors of extremely tall buildings, as the surrounding cell towers are lower than the upper floors. When this happens, a building owner should consider cellular enhancement via a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

A distributed antenna system, also known as an in-building wireless system, is cutting-edge technology that generates robust, dependable cellular service. Each system is unique and custom-tailored to the building in which it lives. RF Solutions offers turnkey cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions.

5G – Are you ready?

We stand on the precipice of 5G – the “next big thing” in mobile wireless technology. We can expect larger bandwidth, faster speeds, and increased frequencies, but due to the higher frequency in which 5G functions, the distance it will travel will diminish, and it will most likely have difficulty penetrating obstacles. Because of this, 5G will require a network of smaller cells with additional antenna. RF Solutions will offer turnkey and retrofit solutions to support the next generation of wireless.

  • Project Specifications
  • Pre-installation RF cellular survey and benchmark testing
  • Optimized system design using iBwave®
  • Carrier engagement and coordination
  • Equipment procurement
  • Partnered Installation
  • Post-install commissioning and acceptance testing
  • Monitoring & maintenance


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