A New Technology

Several years ago, the advent of planar magnetic technology disrupted the mass market audio industry. The tech, which allowed a product with a near-studio quality sound to be sold at lower pricepoints, launched a variety of brands — some saw success, many fizzled, and none made the splash necessary to popularize what could have been a groundbreaking, democratizing technology. So we were excited when a planar magnetic startup — headed by legendary producer Mike Dean— approached us for a full suite of product development and branding services.

They sound
a tear to your eye

– Techradar

Prints at
Your Fingertips

We settled on an interface styled for a broad user base — both tots and their parents — that kept navigational buttons large and simple, while menus used a grid system and clear iconographic language to make snapping a photo, placing an emoji, and printing a breeze.

Building A Brand Around Amazing Sound

Our strategists worked closely with Helm’s team to isolate and define the young brand’s key value propositions and principle consumer base, while our designers developed a nimble, bold identity system that projected both authority and accessibility.

Crafting A Future
with Better Sound

With a soft launch in November ’17, Helm Audio was fast one of the best reviewed planar magnetic brands on the market.