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A Handcrafted Fiber

In 2018 we started over.
We bought a farm, on an island, in the Pacific Northwest,
…… and began our project.

We had the idea:

  • to go back to the very beginning—to the very source of fine fiber.
  • to work the land, shovel the poop, and commune with animals.
  • to live a different rhythm and find joy in our natural environment.

We wanted to make beautiful things and, in that process, make a beautiful life.

So, we bought a farm, on an island, in the Pacific Northwest,

…and began our project.

A mouthful of hay

When we bought our herd of guanaco, we procured a rare source for the 2nd finest fiber in the world. We jumped into the endeavor with no knowledge and a whole lot of enthusiasm. Guanacos are wild, not domesticated like llamas or alpacas, so our learning curve on caring for our herd was steep and intense.

We’ve also added cutie pie Pygora goats and fluffy Satin Angora bunnies.

Every day is bookended with animal care. Morning and night we feed and water, cuddle and comb, handle and train, clean and scoop. Our relationship with these living fiber factories has grown deep roots just like the cedars and firs that surround their pastures.

A String of Words

The farm is always teaching me things about using my hands to create a meaningful life.

So I write about what I learn.

And hopefully my stories capture the beautiful relationship between fiber work and the internal work of being human.

Recent Posts

Shearing Time

When a fleece is sheared from an animal, the fibers, grown from millions of microscopic follicles, get released from their dense insulative existence. They spring…

A Tuft of Fiber

We love the animals. BUT…
We ADORE the fiber.

Honestly, when you hold freshly sheared guanaco fiber in your hands, it’s a swoon-worthy moment. Guanaco is not available commercially and there are only a handful of farms who own guanacos in the US. Those folks keep the fiber for themselves, so getting your hands on it is a rare opportunity.

We’d never even dreamed of having bags of guanaco in our fiber studio.

The process of shearing, de-hairing, combing, carding, spinning, and knitting with these super soft, super warm fibers has been so rewarding.

A circle of hands

We make things,
It’s our birthright.

We have this idea…
That you visit and learn right here on the farm, at the beginning of things.
Maybe you come and make yarn or dye fiber.
Maybe you meet the animals and help care for them.
We aren’t sure yet.

For now, we are just going to stay focused on what is right and true—we don’t know when/what the visits are going to be. But if you would like to be invited please let us know.

Read stories, get inspired, savor fiber.

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